Getting Started


Hub in a Box

The Hub in a Box gives you the support you need to set up your Hub.

For the outlay of £5K you get 15 Days accompaniment (at £300 per day) in the space of a year to include:

  • Work with you on initial fundraising applications
  • Help you structure first year process including
  • Establishing your panel members for startups you want to support
  • Help you find and induct mentors and local partners
  • Identify a local co-ordinator who understands the process and ethos
  • Running a Sophia Course with you to communicate the model so that you can run it again afterwards
  • Support in how to set up a timebank so that it works with the Hub

We will include as part of the package

  • materials for the Sophia Course
  • Timebanking UK membership = £120/£240 (if org turnover over £250K)
  • £250 first year membership of Sophia Hubs
  • Including you in bids at scale from Sophia Hubs which also involve other hubs (we will take % of grants awarded to help make our fundraising viable.

You need:

  1. To raise £5K to enable us to work with you in this way – it can count as match funding for other applications
  2. With us accompanying you raise the next £50K to get to the next stage of having a part time co-ordinator. This will involve you making local bids with our support in the fundraising applications and working at all aspects of developing the Hub
  3. To be prepared to develop a management group to run the hub – this can happen over the first year
  4. It is likely that in the course of this year you will be able to identify a potential co-ordinator for the project and to begin to induct them into the model

It is important to think about the right sized group for the Hub, Do you have the resources as a local faith community to manage and develop the Hub, or would this be more realistic as a consortium from your locality eg with a local school or other faith community/ies –  a capable management group is key.

We will happily make an expenses only visit to your context to present the offer and to talk to interested parties to help you form a viable group, to understand the model and your context better.

Or you are welcome to visit us in London and see some inspiring examples in action.

For established Hubs, all you need to do is join and access accompaniment and at scale funding bids as you need it to develop your hub in a more community oriented way eg making use of timebanking or enterprise clubs.