Seven Kings & Newbury Park Sophia Hub update

Seven Kings & Newbury Park Sophia Hub update

Enterprise club speaker on Tues 9 Sept – Atakan Mercer – a new an successful design company start-up with a heart for collaboration with artists, philosophers, scientists….. info here,  The new time is 12.45 – 2.30.

Our anniversary! We are one year old and we have a participatory networking anniversary event on Tues 30 September 5.45- 8.30 info here.

A brief report on the Seven Kings visit to Forest Gate’s pop up market… info here.

Know people who have pretty unformed start-up ideas who would like to join our Sophia Course?  It’s great for reflecting and then shaping an idea into a start-up or project with a good chance.

Thanks to Sue Howard for bringing the Map of Meaning to the enterprise club this week to help start-ups integrate with their values.

SH Sophia Course flyer autumn 2014

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