How We Support You

How we support your Social Enterprise


Sophia Hubs. Helping Social Enterprise Build Communities.

Sophia Hubs helps develop incubators for start up businesses and social enterprises with faith communities and those with ‘wisdom’ values. She offers a network for these incubators and those interested in faith-based social entrepreneurialism, in order to access funding and support at scale on their behalf and to help build a movement which can make a difference. The model seeks to harness the existing social and spiritual capital of local faith communities, and to explore and apply their ‘wisdom’ resources, respecting their different traditions and encouraging dialogue between them, leading to sustainable economic, social and spiritual development in the communities they serve.

Business Mentoring, Entrepreneur Training & Coaching

Hubs facilitate free or subsidised mentoring and coaching from local business people as well as gaining access to entrepreneur and business talks, training courses and workshops.


We see the importance of non-monetary value exchange both to build community and to encourage people to develop their business offer. This has been growing nationally through Timebanking UK to which we belong. The Sophia Hubs model has ways of maximising the value it adds to community trading

The Sophia Course

This interactive and applied developmental course will have a number of different modules aimed at different parts of the community and different levels. The course will offer:

  • An introduction to reading the local context and learning what it needs
  • Wisdom material specific to particular traditions as well as making connections between them which prepare the ground on faith and work and thinking entrepreneurially
  • Introducing the model of the hubs and its different components
  • Help in moving from ideas to becoming ready to launch a start up

Enterprise Clubs

Local drop ins and enterprise clubs with workshops, regular speakers from the local business and social enterprise communities and a chance to network

Enabling Funding

A local community share offer allows local investment into the enabling fund of specific hubs alongside grant and investment money through local and larger scale Sophia Central bids.


The precise services may differ from hub to hub, but will usually include signposting to other opportunities available for start ups, and other services, sometimes including incubation space.