Community Share Offer

We are inviting you to be a part of a new international network by investing in enterprise hubs which are a vehicle for community development and a support to new enterprises with £75 or more in our community share offer. We plan to

• create new enterprises,

• support green businesses,

• develop and sustain local communities.

We will seek to do this by tapping the wisdom of and unleashing the under-used property, talent, skill, time and financial assets found in many communities at home and abroad, and the business and public service communities in London. We want to create a network of Sophia Hubs, where start-ups will be supported and existing businesses and social ventures provided with the specialist input they need to grow. All we need is £150k in start-up capital and your willingness to make a difference.

Our offer to you

We hope that all our investor members will share an interest in receiving both financial and social returns on the money they can afford to put behind us – and feel some affinity with the principles that we set out here too. By levering resources in a new way, and drawing in ideas across boundaries, we believe we can deliver a financial return and make a big difference for community development too. Although we are small these passions are our business and we intend to grow. We invite you to come aboard as we launch out on that journey.

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