We Provide 6 Strands of Support for Your Business


Match up with a real business mentor

Enterprise Clubs

Share ideas and get moral support at the Enterprise Club


Build your network of partners and supporters via the Timebank

Enabling Funding

Get access to community grants and loans through the Enabling Fund

The Sophia Course

Discover wisdom in your community on the Sophia Course

Support Service

Stay in touch across the community. Work with the best and the latest ideas

Join Sophia Hubs

Take your idea for a business or social enterprise to your local Sophia Hub. You will find passionate and knowledgeable local support to turn your idea into a success. Join with other local people in starting to transform the local economy to work the way people need it to work.


Start Your Own Hub

Sophia Hubs exists to help people start a local Hub of their own. We will give you the support, guidance and practical help you need to tailor the Sophia Hubs concept to your local area. There is initial fundraising to do, but our commitment is to a fully sustainable and autonomous local hub that you run yourself as part of the Sophia Hubs family.


Invest in a Hub

Community Shares are for people who want their money to work in improving local communities on a sustainable basis. A community share is an investment, both a social and a financial investment at the same time. As us for a prospectus.

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